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For thirty years, Ezras Achim has been heeding the silent call of yungerleit bnei chutz l’aretz living in Eretz Yisroel who are struggling with financial distress.


With the help of a network of Gabbaim within the Mosdos HaTorah, Ezras Achim is keenly alert to reach out and help a yungerman before he is compelled to ask.


Thirty years ago, a yungerman learning in Eretz Yisroel, R’ Leib Zeilberger, noticed fellow chaveirim in need.  The local Israeli kupot tzedaka were not geared toward filling this type of need.


R’ Leib approached Rav Sholom Schechter Shlit”a to discuss the idea of opening a special Keren for Bnei Chutz L’aretz Rav Sholom Shlit”a was so taken by the idea that he immediately went with R’ Leib Zeilberger to Maran Harav R’ Yitzchok Scheiner Shlita to discuss this new and novel idea; it was at that meeting that Ezras Achim was born.


Rav Shalom Schechter then asked his close friend Rav Meir Berlin to join the Va’ad Rosh HaYeshivos. With the backing and guidance of this Va’ad Rosh Yeshivos, R’ Leib went on to create the keren along with his brother R’ Yehuda.


Ezras Achim began by providing financial assistance to just a few yungerleit; the keren now distributes steady monthly stipends to over 200 yungerleit, with  additional stipends for the Yomim Toivim.


Ezras Achim is supported mostly from within, by the yungerleit learning in Eretz Yisroel , who stretch their own tight budgets to help their yedidim each and every month. An astounding sum of over $600,000, approximately 76% of the keren’s yearly budget, is coming from donations of yungerleit.

This year alone Ezras Achim distributed
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Over 76% of donations comes from Eretz Yisroel



The responsibility for the remainder of the keren’s budget, falls onto the shoulders of the dedicated Gabbaim, who are yungerleit that volunteer their time for this cause. These Gabbaim can’t shoulder the burden alone.  Therefore Ezras Achim is reaching out to Klal Yisroel to join in this sacred mission, and incredible Mitzva, of Chizuk for Lomdei Torah Bnei Chutz L’aeretz learning in Eretz Yisroel.


Please consider making a monthly donation so we can  continue our vital work, as well as to be able to look toward a greater future: the ability to provide even more relief to even more of our struggling Chaveirim.

8 yungerleit donating a monthly stipend of $36 = 1 yungerman supported

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To make a donation via our 24 hour hotline please call


Checks can be mailed to

Ezras Achim U.S. Office 2119 79th Street, Brooklyn NY 11214, 718-234-7902
Eretz Yisroel Office Sorotzkin 53, Yerushalayim , 02-580-5142


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